Has the thought of never needing to wax or shave again crossed your mind? We at Panache & Marina have the perfect pain-free solution for you! You can now enjoy a lifetime of hair-free experience from just 4-6 sittings. We cater for all skin types and for both men and women.

During your consultation, our skin therapist and dermatologist will work alongside you, whilst choosing the best type of laser hair removal treatment, which would suit your skin type best! Prior to the treatment, we undergo a patch test procedure that would determine whether the treatment would suit you. This administers confidence and assurance for our clients and allows us to ensure we are providing you with the correct laser treatment.

Our lasers are suitable for all skin types, including Asian and Darker Skin enabling us to target particular obstacles, such as ingrown hairs and pigmented legions, which benefit hugely from laser treatment.

We strongly recommend and solely work with Cynosure lasers. Cynosure has served the skin and aesthetic market for decades and can be paraphrased as the ‘Harvard’ of laser machines.

There are two types: Firstly, Alexandrite, which removes the problem causing hairs and works well for lighter skin types. Secondly, ND Yag which caters toward the darker skin types.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information and make sure to book in your free consultation.

Why choose Laser over IPL Hair Removal?

We are aware that many clinics offer and promote IPL Hair Removal. However, with over 45 years of experience collectively and following the research our medical professionals and therapists have invested in we have found that in relation to hair removal, laser works best.

Bearing in mind the longevity of the procedure and costs for our clients, IPL hair removal can take over 12 sittings to complete not guaranteeing permanent results. Whereas, with laser hair removal a client can see a huge difference, within just 4-6 sittings.

We deal with IPL for our skin rejuvenation procedures, as that seems to guarantee better results, but for hair removal we strongly recommend our clients to use the laser.

*Kindly note patch test & consultation is mandatory for all new clients before starting laser hair removal. In cases where clients have not visited the clinic for over 3 months or have experienced tanning a patch test is again required before resuming their laser sessions*

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